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New Beginnings.

2014-08-26 15:58:39 by AlexierXVII

So I dropped my Graphic & Web Design major, and changed it to Media Arts & Animation. So I guess expect future animations coming from me. I dunno how good or how often, but I guess we'll see. Much, much practice coming my way once I get these bullshit projects out the way.

Think I have what it takes?


2014-07-25 00:56:02 by AlexierXVII


I do a little bit of photography/filming as a hobby. Here's an image that's a part of my first project for my Digital Photography class. More on it on my TUMBLR go check it out. (: 

If you have a Tumblr or TWITTER, feel free to follow me on either one.

Also leave a comment here if you'd like. I'll answer back most of the time...




2014-07-13 16:35:03 by AlexierXVII

So I made a Tumblr. If anyone would like to stay updated on my other work follow me on there or on Twitter, these are where I'll update and post any of my artworks or other projects.

I have a lot of plans for future things. I'm currently working on a Documentary film on a friend of mines "Summer Project." After that I am going back to school for the summer semester and I'm going to finally try and get some personal projects done and really start improving. Later on I might try some animation as well. Dunno when that'll be, but I already have ideas down for when I do. If I do.

Again, if you have a Tumblr or Twitter and would like to follow my work, feel free. Also I rebooted my "College Portfolio Series" on Behance. I'd appreciate if anyone checks that out. And maybe leave some feedback on here or on there.

Have a nice day!




2014-05-13 11:52:29 by AlexierXVII

This is an update for those who like and follow my work even though I don't have many...haha. But obviously I haven't been posting a whole lot of work recently. I can't say I've been working on anything recently, anything personal that is. Everything has been school work. Making layout designs for magazines, or logos, or other miscellaneous art.

This summer I only have a week short of a month off of school, I plan on doing a lot of random artwork to really find my style and to improve. I know I need to make more digital work and focus my practice on there, but I wish I had the time.

So all I have at the moment is to post my artwork from school, but I dunno if I should, it's growing work and I don't feel the type of art I do is very appreciated here. If I get some good feedback maybe I will, or I can just try the Art Forums again, we'll see...I may have to result to that anyways since, for the third time now, I got unscouted (I feel like such a naughty boy...)

I would appreciate any comments, even if it's just to say hi, I guess thats a conversation starter. Anyways take care to anyone who read this far. I'll try to post some more NG worthy art, eventually. Peace.



It's my Birthday 2/17

2014-02-17 01:07:47 by AlexierXVII

Woo! I'm 19, what a weird number to be.

"The College Portfolio: Quarter I"

2013-10-22 15:32:38 by AlexierXVII

Check out my college portfolio on Behance, and if you like any of the work, hit the appreciate button at the bottom of the page.
"The College Portfolio: Quarter I"

"The College Portfolio: Quarter I"

The Sketch Portal is finally born. Go check it out and post some of your own sketches!

::The Sketch Portal::

To: Anyone Who Listens

2013-09-07 02:42:48 by AlexierXVII

Soo I've been caught up with school a lot lately, which is why I haven't posted any work. I'm starting to post my work and my School Portfolio will be posted on Behance every semester. So Hopefully I've shown some signs of improvement over the past couple of months. So that's about it for that...

So to anyone who cares: I was thinking about opening up something called "The Sketch Portal" on the art forum, just to display my sketches, and weird shit that I just randomly draw. It's not like much to be critiqued on, it's all just for fun really. I never said they were good sketches so beware. But anyone reading this, feel free to let me know if this is a good idea or not, I would appreciate either opinion. I might end up doing it anyways, but still make me feel a lil less lonely people.

P.S. I'm just gonna throw in a drawing I did on Adobe Illustrator that I worked on a few weeks back. I'll post the colored version when I'm not feeling lazy. Hope you guys will like it.

To: Anyone Who Listens

No longer in the Art Portal

2013-08-18 13:20:13 by AlexierXVII

Well, I'm no longer in the Art Portal, kinda sucks, but I'm not stopping here. I'll keep moving on and continue to improve my work and get noticed!

Coming Back

2013-05-31 10:56:00 by AlexierXVII

So I'll be coming back with new drawings but unfortunately I lost all of my work, non of it got backed up so I'm I only have the art work I posted here and in my photos on my tablet. I like to keep all of my original progress of previous works, but that's not happening anymore. So lesson learned, back up all your files! So I'll be coming back with new and hopefully improved drawings.