The Sketch Portal is Now Open!

2013-10-01 17:51:51 by AlexierXVII

The Sketch Portal is finally born. Go check it out and post some of your own sketches!

::The Sketch Portal::


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2013-10-01 21:15:23

Oh man, I'm so going to post some shitty sketches of mine when I get the chance.... also, thanks for setting up that thread, bet'll be a nice gatherin' place fer sketches..... I dunno.

AlexierXVII responds:

Yea, it seems like it's picking up nicely, it's pretty exciting :D


2013-10-02 09:26:39

Pretty cool initiative! Hope it doesn't end up like that huge Paint topic that Wade got rid of a few years back (hundreds of pages all gone), but now that Art has a place on the site that's probably no problem.

AlexierXVII responds:

Haha that would be cool if it got pretty popular, but we'll see what happens.