2014-05-13 11:52:29 by AlexierXVII

This is an update for those who like and follow my work even though I don't have many...haha. But obviously I haven't been posting a whole lot of work recently. I can't say I've been working on anything recently, anything personal that is. Everything has been school work. Making layout designs for magazines, or logos, or other miscellaneous art.

This summer I only have a week short of a month off of school, I plan on doing a lot of random artwork to really find my style and to improve. I know I need to make more digital work and focus my practice on there, but I wish I had the time.

So all I have at the moment is to post my artwork from school, but I dunno if I should, it's growing work and I don't feel the type of art I do is very appreciated here. If I get some good feedback maybe I will, or I can just try the Art Forums again, we'll see...I may have to result to that anyways since, for the third time now, I got unscouted (I feel like such a naughty boy...)

I would appreciate any comments, even if it's just to say hi, I guess thats a conversation starter. Anyways take care to anyone who read this far. I'll try to post some more NG worthy art, eventually. Peace.




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2014-05-13 14:29:28

Getting back into the groove of creating personal work can be a tough process.
You tend to forget the ideas, that made you want to create in the first place, buried under the many influences that school has piled on you.
For sure you will find them again if you dig deep enough, but perhaps not in the same quality as originally thought.
You think about throwing them away but you're smarter than that. You salvage them for something greater. Something you can use.

Keep creating.

AlexierXVII responds:

Thanks Cairos!

You're literally one of my top inspirations, I very much appreciate the advice, I keep trying to tell myself that same similar thing. It's just a little harder to execute it and keep myself going. But I'm going to use my summer break to its fullest and hopefully grow a lot from it.

Again thanks for the advice, it helps a lot for what I'm going through right now.